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Can you survive The Hunger Games?
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Welcome to the Hunger Games forum! We're always welcoming new members.
Make sure to read the rules before RPing and creating your character.
We're just opening the forum, so it's not going to be too active.
We still have yet to find enough members for the first Hunger Games of the site. We also need a president.

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PostSubject: Last Creation   Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:22 pm

Appearence:[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Character's name: Austin Morson
Boy or girl: Boy
Age: 18
Clothes: Always where's a thin, white hoodie with a black t-shirt underneath. He has black, slightly baggy jeans, and dark blue, sleek shoes.
District: 2
Weapon of choice: Sword
Personality: Quick to his feet and, at times, short-tempered. Although he is very kind, he also has somewhat of an evil side to him.
RP Sample: Austin walked up to the street, watching as the cars passed, gas floating up and trailing behind them. The loud, sometimes abnoctious busses and trains. He sighed, thinking what it'd be like in the lower districts- how hard they most struggle for him. Good thing I have all the money in the world, Austin almost laughed as the light turned red and he crossed the street.

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Last Creation
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